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The Lubetkin Legacy

Lubetkin book cover Hurray! My new novel The Lubetkin Legacy is out in hardback print, e-book and audio. The hardback cover is fabulous, designed by John Gray (who designed the original Tractors cover) it’s colourful, glossy, cheerfully dotted with pink blossoms, embossed so that you can actually stroke the birds - the reviews haven’t been bad either. The Audible edition is read by wonderful Toby Longworth, who gets the tone just right. Oh, and it gotshortlisted for the Bollinger Wodehouse Everyman prize for comic fiction.

It’s one of those books that, if you ask me what it’s about, I can’t describe it, but this is what the publisher says:

North London in the twenty-first century: a place where a son will swiftly adopt an old lady and take her home to impersonate his dear departed mother, rather than lose the council flat.

A time of golden job opportunities, though you might have to dress up as a coffee bean or work as an intern at an undertaker or put up with champagne and posh French dinners while your boss hits on you.

A place rich in language – whether it’s Romanian, Ukrainian, Russian, Swahili, or buxom housing officers talking managementese.

A place where husbands go absent without leave and councillors sacrifice cherry orchards on the altar of new build.

Marina Lewycka, author of A Short History of Tractors in Ukriainian, tells a new funny and brilliant story of life, love, death and the perils of not being George Clooney in the modern world. read more

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